SteadiDrone Mavrik magnetic interference?

I recently got a SteadiDrone and I have been having issues with all of my testing so far. I’ve calibrated the compass three times and I’ve flown in auto three times. Each time, the aircraft does not maintain the correct heading, it randomly does a very large pitch (70 deg) and each time the log analysis says my compass offsets are too high. I would really appreciate it if someone could look at the logs and let me know if they see something obvious. graphing the mag field vs throttle seem pretty high. The Mag field starts around 520 but goes all the way up to 820 at some points in the flight and averages around 575 in flight. I’m doing my testing at the same AMA field I always test at and have never had issues with any of my other copters like this. I’m stumped and would really appreciate any help I can get.

I cannot get the full log to upload so I’ve provided a dropbox link to the full log here: … MQ0da?dl=0