Stay Away from Gremsy T3V3 (Inverted)

Hello Everyone,

I have been going back and forth with Gremsy over my inverted T3v3. Essentially, the issue arises with Gremsy’s firmware. If you wish to use this mount with Rover 4.3 and further this gimbal will not work. The newest firmware (Gremsy t3v3 7.7.3) causes the gimbal to spin violently. All previous gimbal firmwares do not work with ardupilot. I believe the gimbal works in normal mode but as stated I am using it inverted. I have been told the firmware wont be fixed until October 2023. Just wanted to give a FYI.


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I tried to use T3V3 in inverted mode, but failed many times,
and then saw this post. Saved my time like a lot.
Much thanks for sharing this.

in T3V3’s product description, they say it ‘supports inverted mode’.
Now I don’t believe it.

No problem. It makes me happy to see that I assisted someone! I am currently using the DJI Ronin Pro 3 with my project and am having some great results with it.