Statustext not forwarded to gcs in Plane 4.0.9

Hi, statustext forwarding to gcs (Mission Planner HUD) works with earlier version of Plane but not with the 4.0.9. I don’t remember in which version it was working but it was official non beta version about one year ago. The statustext is from a Raspberry connected to Black Cube usb connector.

  1. Has anybody else detected the same issue?
  2. Has this been fixed in the Beta Plane version?

Hi again. Now I have checked this more and used Wireshark to check the udp messages going to Mission Planner connected via UDP. So actually it looks like the messages are indeed forwarded to gcs, but not shown in HUD messages. Perhaps Mission Planner has some bug preventing messages to show or new feature to select what is displayed. So I have to direct the question to Mission Planner forum.
Thanks for reading, anyways…