The mavlink message ‘STATUSTEXT- 253’ has 50 characters limit.

is there any way to increase this limit? I am trying to send some custom messages from CC to my GCS.
any help would be appreciated thanks.


You can use NAMED_VALUE_FLOAT messages. Name anything you want with the values you want to send.

thank you for reply. But as I understand you can only send ‘float’ values to the other side with NAMED_VALUE_FLOAT

I want to send the ‘text’ or characters that are above 80-100

Hii @scarletwitch

Did you find how to send more that 50 characters data using status text??

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Why didn’t you read the message’s specification ?
Use the id and chunk_seq fields to send a sequence of messages that can then be reassembled at the receiving end.

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hello not yet,
i went ahead with current standard mavlink message and I am sending it in chunks by defining chunk_id.
let me know if you also find any solutions around this.