Status of development on the Matek F405-Wing board

Completely new to this (using these new boards instead of *hawks) How far is development? Is the OSD and current/voltage sensors working for this board yet? Looking to install in a Bixler 2 instead of the larger Pixhawk board.


up and working well, quite a few flying around running ardupilot already. got three of them myself (MTD, minitalon, funray). adds noticeable convenience to setup and wiring. hardware features running well on arduplane defaults.

cheers, basti.

Thanks! Might be picking one up.

Has there been any work on the F411-wing board? It has a 2S input (6.5V) minimum

@Rusty_Jones to squeeze the current code into the F411’s memory would require to drop a lot of features, plus it has quite some hardware drawbacks compared to the F405 too. not saying it can’t be ported to at all, but there’s just hardly any benefit…


OK, so the 411 doesn’t have enough memory.

So here is my problem, I am building a nano goblin using 2S LiON batteries, I would like to use Arduplane as the firmware. I was going to use a F405-wing, BUT it has a 3S minimum input. The F411 has only a 2S minimum, but not enough memory. Is there a board that will run Arduplane on 2S input (~6V or so)? I’ll keep looking…

any board will do if you pay attention to how you power your periphereals. the matekf405-wing has a couple of onboard regulators for 9 / 12V video voltage, these won’t be able to supply those voltages from a 7,4V batt. if you’re running liion with a possible drop below 6V on discharge, you’ll have to watch your 5V regulator’s dropout too and take care your RC system don’t brownout, but the board itself will run on anything above 5 V just fine.

What airspeed sensors are supported with this board?

both I2C and analog types can be used. there‘s two I2C ports and one analog pin („RSSI“) accessible. the latter can be used for either RSSI or analog airspeed, it defaults to PIN 15.


I have Eagle Tree Air speed V3 sensor and it doesn’t work. Maybe it is only some settings, but i can’t find it out what it’s. That’s why asking to order a proper one.

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looking at the ET sensor’s manual there‘s at least some additional steps required to make it work with non ET hardware: