Status messages?

How do you get status messages displayed in tower? I was getting a pre-arm warning on my Taranis (I have teensy telemetry) so wanted more details, hooked up tower and could not find any way to see status messages. Am I missing a magically hidden screen or tool which shows these? I ended up getting my laptop out and resorting to Mission Planner (turned out to be a mag calibration issue).Also I get no voice calls in tower (think this happened since latest Android update).

I believe as the messages come in they will be displayed in tower for about 10 seconds or so. If you try to arm the vehicle and the error is a pre-arm error then tower will display that error. Currently in tower you have no way of seeing the status messages.

No prearm messages appeared in Tower for me.

Even when you try to arm? If it fails pre-arm it should tell you.

Like I said, no messages displayed on mine - and no audio either.

Do you have voice activated?

Yes, voice is Turned on in settings. But no voice is heard.maybe an incompatibility with Android 6 on nexus 7.

I have a Nexus 7 and it’s working, the only issue that I have is, when lost radio signal, Tower continue reporting the last data instead to advertise lost signal but Freddia can’t reproduce it so It’s something with my config that I have to find yet.

Cala, is that a 2013 nexus 7 running android 6.0.1?its just the standard nexus rom I have on mine,not rooted.

Yes, 2013, not rooted, running 5.1.1; let me know if you want to compare any config, mine is in english language because spanish traslation sounds horrible…like me speaking english LOL.

Periodic Telem status report you have enabled?

I know of a beta version up on the play store. You might want to try that one and see if it works.

I just tried both the current and beta versions.
Current version : I heard “Connected” called out, so sound working to a degree. I then tried to arm and it wouldn’t. But no pre-amp message called or displayed.

Beta version : after connecting I heard the message “GPS 3D Lock” called, tried to arm but again failed, and again no message called or displayed saying what pre-amp issue caused this failure to arm.

@pauljatherton Could you create an issue in the issues tracker page and post a copy of the vehicle tlog.
If status messages are being sent from the vehicle’s autopilot, there should be visible in the tlog file, and I can use it to identify why there are not visible within Tower.