Static Gimbal servos "Problem" v.3.1.2 and APM 2.0

I assembled my old DJI F550 with APM 2.0 and got stuff working, However I can not get the Gimball servos to track the copter movement. The servos does “lock in” or “Find their commanded position” when the system is powered on, and they move when I adjust the min/max values. This would tell me the servos are connected to the right output and that the APM2.0 is able to control position if it wants to.

The problem is that the servos does not track the horizon, or any movement, even if the mission planner is showing the horizon move in the flight data window.

I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version v.3.1.2
This was not a problem 5 months ago when I flew it. Please help.

Is the APM 2.0 compatible with v.3.1.2 ???

Have you enabled the respective axis stabilisation?

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Hi Blackbloy

Thanks for the input. I have checked of the box “stabilize” in the gimbal setup window.
If I remember corect this will enable the stabilisation of the gimbal on the respective channel.

but even when this box is checked, there is no output to the servo, it is just locked in to a static angle.

I can do all the neccesary setup in the gimbal setup window right?? or do I need to do other changes??

I think i had a problem like this when i was setting up the servo gimbal using a PX4.

If i am not wrong i had to solve the problem by isolating the power and ground wire from the signal cable. I then supplied power and ground separately to the servos.

Could you try that sir? :confused:

I will try that and see if I can get it working…