State of the APM SDK?

OK the title may be a bit misleading, but I hope it gets attention.

A few days ago I was discussing with some DJI users the ‘benefits’ of DJI’s SDK, and I got to thinking, is there a SDK for APM based multicopters? And is it even really needed? And then the topic of Dronecode came up. Is Dronecode even active still? is it of any use to APM?

So what is the real real with this?


Ardupilot isn’t part of dronecode, but you’re likely thinking of droneKit-python, which is very much alive and active.

Their is no need of a sdk for ardupilot as all the code is open !
After that, if you need just some tools for send command to an ardupilot base drone, you can use dronekit, mavproxy, ROS (with mavros) or make your own controller with pymavlink tools. The only thing needed is to be able to use mavlink protocol for now.


I was thinking the same, but wasn’t sure. I mean for Ardupilot, Mavlink will send commands, doesn’t the SDK just do the same, but more limited?