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Startup for Drones in India

Good morning all.

I’m thinking about a startup for Drones and Fixed wing UAV in India.
Any new ideas and Advice are welcome for a Private Limited Company.

Just remember that to create a small fortune in drones, one had best start out with a large fortune…
More seriously: “I want to start a drone business” sounds vague. What is your knowledge, skill and experience base?
Are you an individual or group of like minded people?
Are you bootstrapping or have capital?
Hardware, software or services?

A bunch of people on this forum have experience starting drone businesses of many genres, but you need to do more research to define the questions you really need to ask them.

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It’s pleasure to hear that. I’m an individual, having project experience in fixed wing and interested in research.

Good . . . . Whats your plane . . ?

currently i want to improve my knowledge and experience more in this field. Before a startup, i would like to work with any experts to gain some knowledge. If anyone have any reference, please inform me.

Thank you.

Hello Raj,

You can contact with me for technical assistance, I will cooperate you as I possibly.
Mo. 8806117553

Thank you very much for the support.

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