Startup Failsafe upon Slingshot Launch

I am going to be launching my smaller scale model of the plane I am designing, but I don’t want the motors to arm until it has started its launch from the slingshot.

What is the easiest way to code this in? I tried writing some code that uses the velocity vectors provided by the gps, but the gps seems to be less than reliable for distinguishing between not moving and being shot by a slingshot. I would like AP to recognize that it has initiated a slingshot launch, delay for a second or two, then arm the motors for a passthrough of the throttle.

All I really need to know is what the best method of telling AP that it has reached a certain velocity (or some other condition that would signify that it has been launched). I can code the rest of the sequence in no problem.


Hi Mohrad,

Check the Takeoff throttle min speed parameter: … THR_MINSPD

That’s what I was looking for, thanks!