Starts pitching forward, near crash

I recently had a close call with a testflight. At the end, the drone started to pitch forward to the left and I observed strange yaw behavior. I immediately landed since I had to use an increasing amount of my stick range to compensate for the pitch and roll behavior.


This cube black has recently been in a small crash. The drone flipped on landing. It landed on it’s back from standing on it’s landing gear.

The GPS module broke, so it now flies without one and using only the internal compass.

It has also started to put the year 1980 and date 1/1 on all my logs in 2023.

Arducopter didn’t spit out any pre arm checks or error codes so I began testing it in flight to determine of it still worked as a hobby FC. Could this be caused by the crash? Or is it some other issue I need to sort out?


It is a bad idea to use the internal compass.

Get an external one, connect it and calibrate it. Disable the internal one.

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I have a gps module (compass included) on the way. I just wondered if it’s indeed my internal compass that caused the issues or if it’s something else in the flight controler.

I cant see the reason. Yaw is also changing quite a lot along with pitch and roll.
Tuning is quite good.
There are vibrations which are bit high for a Cube Black, but there’s no clipping. Vibrations are present in the previous flights but had no adverse affects.
Compasses are a bit noisy but not very badly affected by battery current, not as bad as many. Compasses might still be the most likely cause though.

The log date and times are not updated if you dont have a GPS.