Starting flight mode

can you change to starting flight mode on boot to something other then stabalize? such as loiter?

Why do you want/need this?

safety, flying with a payload with operators that are inexperienced loiter is much safer. If some one needs or has the comfort to fly stabilized they can swap to it.

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I disagree.

Taking off in Loiter is a crutch and a hindrance. Learning throttle management is critical to becoming a safe and competent pilot. Loiter and Altitude hold put a dead band around throttle and that turns your staff into operators not pilots. And to be brutally honest, one does not operate an aircraft. A pilot flies an aircraft

Do your self and your company and you “pilots” a HUGE favor. Teach them to fly in stabilize with NO payload and then work them up the ladder.

While we are on the subject of pilot training, what country are you in?

Yes. Once you have the flight modes set it default to what ever mode that corresponds to the channel set on the radio. And there is no rule saying that you even have to have stabilized mode available once the tuning is set up. (Although I always leave it there just in case)

Note: This is in Master and I’m not sure it works. The feature has been in Rover for awhile but with problems.

Nevermind, it works. I just tested it on a quad running 4.1.0-dev. Doesn’t work in SITL though.

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You can also do this via Lua scripting.

unfortunately I’m just building and programming them then sending them to the customer. They are operators not pilots for sure.

We are using a here-link so no default switch position. its easy to change modes just a concern of the customer.

Well, if that is what the customer wants then any accidents that happen are on them and not you…

6 lines of lua code

function update()
	if (arming:is_armed() == false) then
		vehicle:set_mode(5) -- Loiter, but you can set your bootup mode here
return update, 1000