Start Mission Planner with 16:9 aspect ratio for the HUD

Is there a way to set MP so that it comes up with the HUD in a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of the default 4:3 aspect ratio?



right click the hud and set aspect ratio?

Hi Michael,

Mainly because of my sloth, I was hoping to be able set a parameter once so that the hud comes up in 16:9. (I right click on hud to change it to 16:9 every time I turn on MP.)

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas,


I would like to revive this. I am setting up a tablet controller for a customer. I have the video feed set to autoconnect on start. However it is displayed in 4:3 and the actual ratio is 16:9. Having a customer have to right click (on a touchscreen) and select change ratio each time is a bit clunky. Is there some way to script this, put it in an xml, or an argument I can send at launch time to set the video into 16:9?