Start and goes FAILSAFE

I have done all pre flight steeps
Plane was armed. Manual mode set.
Walked 40 meters to launch and plane enter got FAILSAFE and enter RTL.
Have not idea what´s problem and did not found any information in log.
Sending bin log file direction to download … file%2cbin

Thank´s for help

Throttle failsafe: At 79 seconds the throttle (CH3) goes from 1107 to 982 causing an RTL. Did you range check your radio? Or turn it off by mistake?

Hi Graham

I am using Taranis with L9R transmitter. Range will be about 5 km. Not turned off radio.
My failsafe configuration was FS Pwm 900 (picture)
I think something wrong in radio calibration, specifically in throttle. This start 990 Pwm and goes to 2006.
Is it possible some ESC problem?

I can’t see what caused it but it wasn’t loss of signal.

All the inputs stay at 1500 (mid sticks) except for throttle which stays at 1107.
The RTL kicks in and changes the output of channels 1,2 and 4 to “fly” home and also drops channel 3 (throttle) output to 992.

I can’t see what would cause the RTL though. I can see a battery failsafe setting for MAH (RTL @1000mah remaining) but no starting amount for it so it may be related to that.