Stabilize - Throttle too high

This is my first drone so I am still trying to figure everything out. I read on that it is good to practice in Stabilize mode first, and move on from there. The controller that switches between GPS and Indoor according to tower is switching between Loiter(gps) and AltHold(indoor).

So i mapped stabilize mode to the controller through the web interface but when I switch over to stabilize I get “Throttle too high” and cannot arm the drone. The gps light starts blinking on the controller when i switch to stabilize too. Not sure if that matters at all. Anyone have an idea of what is going wrong here?

You need to move the throttle to bottom right to arm in stabilize.It will not arm with the throttle at half way.It doesn’t use the GPS.It’s just you and a bit of stabilization controlling the copter.No hands off moments in stabilize. :grinning:

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Perfect, thank you! I would have never figured that out, didn’t see this documented anywhere. Now time to practice :smiley:

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Question is ,did it work ?

I don’t have Stabiize set up on mine yet so couldn’t check my own advice.Just used the usual Arducopter throttle action which works on most

Yeah it worked. Throttle down instead of down-right, but got it going. Pretty fun flying in stabilize. Thanks again!

Next try acro mode ! :wink:
Perfect quad to learn that if you are new to flying.