Stabilize range of motion issue

Hello i have the APM 2.6 with the latest firmware and have ran into an issue. While testing the plane on stabilize mode I noticed that the range of motion for the right servo was much less then then the left servo. I have tested this servo individually and it posses the ability to have full range of motion. Also the servo operates correctly when taking commands from my transmitter. What in the APM could be causing this problem?? I am using a fixed with and the issue persists on output 1.

Are your servo’s connected individually to APM (if so to which outputs) or with a Y-lead?

If you are using a Y-lead then you have a physical problem with the servos.
If you are using two separate channels then please check the RCn_MIN and RCn_MAX values for the two channels. They should be the same if the two servos are of the same type.