Stabilize Mode not responding to movements

Hi everyone,

I am new to RC planes and am trying to enable STABILIZE mode for my plane. I successfully established a six-position switch for different flight modes with a calibration curve and all that, and Mission Planner shows the flight modes changing in response to my input, but the plane behaves the same way in STABILIZE mode as it does in MANUAL–I can’t get it to automatically move the flight surfaces in response to movements. I have tried recalibrating accel, compass, etc and nothing. Does anyone know what’s wrong and how to fix it? Maybe a param that I need to change?

Try FBWA rather than Stabilize.

Thank you! FBWA behaves the same way for me though, still not sure what’s up. Hopefully it’s not hardware…

When you’re connected to mission planner do you see the HUD move as you move the plane around?

Is the plane armed? Or have you set BRD_SAFETY_MASK appropriately to move controls without arming?

In manual or FBWA do the controls move in response to RC stick inputs?

The HUD does move as we move the plane around.
The issue persists when it’s armed and when it’s disarmed; I tried changing BRD_SAFETY_MASK per your advice to bypass the safety for all of my outputs but still nothing…
Manual and FBWA (and Stabilize) all respond to stick inputs–they all behave as if it were in manual mode for some reason.
I really don’t know what’s wrong, I am starting to think maybe something internally is awry but I certainly hope not.

Thank you for the continued help!

I’d like to see a log file. If you know how to get logs from a disarmed plane don’t bother to read the rest of the following mansplaining:

  • Set Log_DISARMED to 1
  • Power cycle the drone. Have the radio connected and make sure you’re powered by a battery.
  • Set the flight mode to FBWA.
  • Move the plane around (no RC stick inputs) to see if the controls move. Try to keep the movements of the plane to isolated pitch and roll movements (just makes the logs easier to read)
  • Keep the plane still and move the sticks on the radio to see if the controls move.
  • All this doesn’t need to be more than a minute or two.
  • Power off the drone.
  • Reconnect by USB. Set LOG_DISARMED back to 0. Then download the .BIN file and post it here.