Stabilize mode issue on X-Plane


I am having some problems to fly on stabilize mode on x-plane 10. Before reversing some of the servos, the plane went spiral and crashed. After I played a bit with the reversing options, I managed to keep the plane in the air in stabilize mode but it is definitely not leveling itself.

I am working with X-Plane 10, APM 2.6, Spektrum DX5e transmitter, Mission Planner 1.4.01 for Event 38, skywalker platform.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


I haven’t tried xplane myself. There are some instructions here but I’m not sure how current they are. … imulation/
I did a quick google of “ardupilot xplane” and a few links came up but I guess you have already done that and are reading those.
Thanks, Grant.