Stabilize mode elevator and rudder problem

I have just upgraded my APM to the version3. when i check the stabilize mode,i noticed that rudder and elevator respond very agressively to the disturbance on the pitch and yaw axis. even i increase angle of attack 3 degree i see full deflection on the elevator. when i did the same thing as -3 degree, i see full deflection to the other side on the elevator. Ailerons give very slow and reliable responses for roll disturbances. I do not know how to slow down the rudder and elevator responses. If you help, i will be appreciated


I am using v3.0.3 as software and APM2.5 as hardware. I do not use any optional hardware

If you add a log file it will help.

i plugged in my APM just for taking logs and i push the reset button then everything begin to run properly i do not understand why but it is solved