Stabilize is fine, but loiter/RTL drives like an old lady

I got my rates sorted…sort of. My quad hovers fine in stabilize, but when I switch to Loiter…it is VERY slow to change position. It is stable in the mode but very slow to transition in any axis.

Which rate control set the rate at which the APM can maneuver the quad?

I cranked the loiter P up a bit and it caused a slow circular oscillation.


Please read the documentation before posting a support question.

I did RTM, but was a bit confused about what rate to adjust and having an unclear understanding of the differences in how the AP processes request to change position vs. the AP holding position.

In my case, Quad is stable in loiter, so do I need to adjust WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED speed?

How can I change the vertical response in loiter, as WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED , says just horizontal correction.

If it would help, I can post a screen shot of my parameters.



I was wondering this as well, and could only find the horizontal loiter speed parameter.

Loiter speed P and loiter rate P should adjust the acceleration and max speed of loiter mode.

I think I got it solved…check your WP speed up and down. They are set pretty low out of the box. Loiter speed fixed lateral speed issue.

Thanks for the Help!