Stabilization at low throttle


I have been flying arducopter for several years now and for me it’s really the best you can get! thanks for the incredible amount of work put into it!

However I am currently having a problem for which I can’t seem to find a solution (in the manual at least). I am flying a tricopter with the APM 2.6. Most of the time I use accro mode and start to push it a bit and to use a lot of amplitude on the throttle channel.
My problem occurs when doing sharp descent with throttle close to zero which leads to the deactivation of attitude/rate control.

So my question is simple: Is there a way to keep the rate/attitude feedbacks on the motors even at minimal throttle?

thank you in advance!

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflahs logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

I will upload the logs whan I’m back from work. However I think they won’t be really helpfull.

I believe what I describe is related to the uav assuming it is back on the ground when my throttle stick is really low and thus stoping to send commands to the motors to stabilize itself. It is like arming the drone and keeping the throttle at the minimum. In that position roll or pitch sticks have no effects on the motors, you have to give a little bit of thrust for that.

So what I would like is to have the stabilization working even without any throttle.

I’m not sur I am clear?

thanks anyway