I am running currently running a SITL ArduSub simulation using pymavllink to send various commands to the sim. The simulation works fine and animates the way I want in qgroundcontrol. However, I am trying to implement a while loop to monitor x, y, z pos, vel, and acc. Here is the loop:

while True:
msg = master.recv_match(
type=‘LOCAL_POSITION_NED’, blocking=True)

The loop works and displays the change in position as the sim moves. However, this is causing an issue where qgroundcontrol drops communication and does not display the motion of the sim. I have had issues with communication between ports for the different apps before. I resolved this by using the following command to initiate the sim: --out=udp: -v ArduSub --location=ArduSubTest

This may or may not be related to my issue. The examples that I have seen do not specify port 14550, this seems to be set by default normally. So, this was my workaround. In any case, this is the error that I am receiving from qgroundcontrol:

I have seen other SSL and handshake errors before, but they have not been fatal. GPT is suggesting a version mismatch between SSL and qgroundcontrol. It has also suggested that I might be experiencing a conflict (or overload) with my communication port. VS Code, qgroundcontrol, and SITL all communicate on the same port. I am currently trying to troubleshoot, but not having any luck. I am still pretty new to troubleshooting networking issues. Does anyone have any experience with this SSL handshake error? Any help will be appreciated