SRTM elevation data used for mapping missions


Is it possible to do mapping missions using the SRTM topography height data
so that instead of a fixed altitude flight grid the flight plan will instead be a
grid that has variable altitude to match the local topography, ie for maintaining
a constant altitude above the ground for camera mapping.


The system in use cannot currently even use Google Earth data much less more detailed info from NASA for second-by -second terrain altitude monitoring and control.

The amount of data that would need to be stored and processed in real time is beyond what these current FC can handle.


Thanks, it would be possible to use the SRTM data directly in the mission planner software,
and use it to adjust the height of waypoints. This wouldn’t need to be done in real time on
the flight control hardware, it would just be the waypoint data.


Not an option currently displayed in the map types of MP.

When I am concerned about changing elevations I open a concurrent session of Google Earth. I set it to the same view as that of the Google Hybrid Map I am using in MP. I can then check the elevation changes in Google Earth and adjust WPs in MP as may be required.

I don’t try to cut it too close and leave plenty of altitude over the tree tops in the wooded areas I often fly.

the pixhawk on arduplane, can use srtm data, for terrain following.
this feature is not on apm2 … following/


Is there a reason why this is not currently available for Copter or is there a plan to make it available.

How large an area can the pixhawk handle with a 30 meter grid and no GS connection?