SR# params changing

Been autotuning and comparing my full param list to choose the best AT and notice my SR0 and SR1 params have all changed. Any reason the the autopilot would change the stream rate? Attached is a image of the current SR0 and SR1 params compare to two flights earlier. Thanks!

I have similar issue, or maybe is not?
Trying to write parameters sr0 and sr1 on this values minimosd-extra/wiki/ at master · night-ghost/minimosd-extra · GitHub
When I do it by usb sr0 parameters are reset to default values, don’t remains changed.
When I do it by Sik radio are the sr1 which is reset to default values, don’t remains changed.
So I’m getting crazy…

Pixhawk 2 btw

I probably cant help, but in order for others to help maybe specify your exact firmware (copter) version and groundstation software version.

Last no beta versions.
Copter 3.5.4 and MP

I have kind of the same issue with PH2 and 3.5.7 version: SR1 parameters will not be saved, no matter what I do.