Sprayer pump configuration for pixhawk 2.4.8

hello, i am building an agricolture hexacopter, with two 6S batteries in parallel
now i am searching for a pump and nozzle set that is suitable with my pixawk 2.4.8 and mission planner

in aliexpress i see two kinds of pumps

  • brushless
  • brushed

i read that brushless perhaps are better, and i found a motor pump : eaglepower wa3510 24V , that includes also an ESC to control it

I prefer eaglepower because all the motors of my hexacopter are eaglepower brand too

BUT i have a question:
how this pump must be connected to the pixhawk?
I think through the supplied ESC , but which port i have to use to connect this ESC, and how must be configured in mission planner?

In the other sprayer kits sold in aliexpress, i see that it is included a black box, called ‘governor’, and some of them have a brushed esc too.
I wonder if i need a governor too.

And, last question: if in the future i add two more motors, transforming the hexacopter to optacopter, i have enough port space in pixhawk to add the two new motors, or i cannot add them because one port is occupied by the spray pump esc?

Please help me,
thank you!


Hello, I am new to drones but have some experience with pumps, particularly the ones used misting systems.

They are heavy. I don’t know what sort of flow/pressure you want, but even one that can output ~1-2liter a minute at a psi of around 50 will be at least 10oz.

I don’t know if this is feasible but another idea could be using a compressed co2 tank to provide the spraying force. Light weight, uses no power other than the solenoid relay you would have to activate in order to provide pressure. Also very high pressure, so high you would probably have to add a regulator.

And the pixhawk can support at least 12 motors, I will be using it with 12, so it is unlikely you will run out of outputs!