Spray is now working after armed in loiter mode

I am facing problem with spray pump on or off. While drone is in loiter mode and disarmed after armed the vehicle.
I set RC6 as a Spray and want to trigger spray. It worked fine when vehicle is disarmed in loiter mode but after I arm the vehicle and when it is in the air spray is not working (I press RC6 button; spray button is working when vehicle was disarmed)
Also, it shows the message that spray is working on and off but pump is not working. Further want to add that I need to press RC6 switch two three time to turn ON the pump is working or not when it was disarmed. After is worked normally with one press. But not working after ad armed the vehicle and when it was in the air pump is not working with RC6 button.

In auto mode spray is normal not facing any problem. (Servo9 is also set as a sprayer)

using orange cube. Firmware: Copter 4.2.2 with Herelink RC
Hexacopter with all up weight 25kg.

Please find the log .bin file here.

Please I am hoping for some positive response from community.

Sbow me your SPRAY_ XXX parameters.

Here it is.

And Make SPRAY_SPINNER = 1800

Thank you Dear @kalai1219,
I changed it.
okay I will let you know after loiter flight.

Thank You. @kalai1219
I tested and it worked as I want.

Thats silly that I ignored that parameter. :sweat_smile:

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