Splite waypoint approach pattern in ArduCopter

Hi, I am playing with ArduCopter and auto missions. I wonder how can I set the pattern the copter flies spline waypoints.

My copter usually flies spline wp like the blue line. And my SITL copter simulation flies the red line. Where do I set this behavior?

Put in an extra waypoint in between those two.

Thanks @xfacta , but I think we have a little misunderstanding. I do not want to add any extra waypoints. I want to keep it as-is.

What I want to change is how the ardupilot software computes spline paths. I should clarify a few things:

  • The point #5 is a basic waypoint, #6 is a spline waypoint, and #7 is again a basic waypoint

  • My real pixhawk-ardupilot-powered quadcopter flies the path correctly in the inner area between points 5 and 6. This is marked with the blue line.

  • My ardupilot simulation (SITL), which should be perfect emulator of ArduCopter behavior, flies the same mission on the red path. It is somehow trying to outfly the #6 point on the outer side. And that I think it is incorrect.

So I would like to know what arducopter parameter affects this computation, this behavior how the spline waypoints paths/patterns are made.

Or maybe an explanation why there is a difference between SITL and my real quad running essentially the same software.


I don’t have a full answer but if you’re seeing a difference in behaviour on the real vehicle vs the simulator then it might be because the vehicle is running Copter-4.0.x while the simulator is running 4.1? MP’s simulator at least uses “latest”.

Hi nn72,

Sorry but pline has never resulted in a path that would miss waypoint 6 like your blue line above.

Can you please provide the mission you used above so we can have a look at 4.0 vs 4.1 plese.