Spline not pointing in direction of flight

I flew a 9 point Mission with splines. For the first 6 waypoints, it followed the path correctly, with rounded corners etc. but the nose of the craft was always pointing in a N/E direction (not in the direction of flight).

On the 6th waypoint, it swung around and started to fly like it is supposed to.

It may be my fault, but I couldn’t find definitive input on the wikis to be sure.

I started at the home position (obviously) and had WP1 about 10m in front at an altitude of 15m. It was the only “Waypoint” waypoint. From WP2 on the rest were Spline Waypoints.

I thought to do a Takeoff as the first waypoint, but I usually start the auto portion in the air. I like to take of and assure myself that “all’s well”. Then I put it into auto.

Is it the first waypoint that’s throwing it off? Am I doing something? Why would it go 6 WPs before coming around. Also I flew it twice, and the same happened both times.

please check here
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/config … _behaviour

Well there’s a lot of stuff in that wiki.

I checked the obvious, WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR and it was set to 2: Face next WP unless RTL.

The strange part is that it actually started to follow course direction after the 5th of 9 waypoints.

I have seen similar to this, where YAW-BEHAVIOR only works with spline WPs, in fact I thought that the pointing in the direction of the next WP was strictly a spline feature.

I never use the takeoff command for the first WP, and often it is just a normal WP, so I don’t ecpect it to point correctly on that first WP, but this time it “disobeyed” for 5 WPs.