Spline not pointing in direction of flight - Not solved

See previous post of the same name.

My vehicle doesn’t point the nose in the direction of flight all the time. I have a flight plan (the first WP is not a take-off Waypoint, it is just a vanilla WP.

The rest are splines. There are 9 WPs and the craft recently starts pointing in the direction of flight on the 6th WP.

I have the parameter set to point in the direction of flight (except RTL): 2-

I wonder if it’s that I don’t start the flight with a Takeoff, or don’t use a Spline WP as the first?

Any suggestions?

Is WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR set to 1?

Its set to 2. That should be all but RTL right?

Should be, I have mine on 1 and it always point to next waypoint. Maybe worth a try on that setting to see if it helps?