Spline branch stable enough to try?


I pulled the Spline branch today (Friday Nov1) and compiled, added my Map 2 API key, pushed to Note and it seems to work great on the device.

Before I try it on my hex, I was wondering if its been tested yet from droid planner to device, basically is it safe to fly and try it out or should I wait a bit?

Thanks, Ed,

You must know that what I did is a mere visualization of a spline defined by points on the map. The purpose of it is to show the path your copter will follow if you fly with David Dewey’s spline code. But we haven’t done any testing to see if both paths match.

Anyway the branch is as stable as matter, the only thing I added is the new path visualization. I’m sorry if I gave you false hope, I just wanted to put some incentive on the arducoper guys to merge David code.

I’m happy that you where able to compile the code without problem s, and even able to generate a maps key (that took me a e of hours to get right the first time)

Yes the branch compiled without a hitch, at first I got the main, but could not find any reference to Spline, then realized you made a branch. Yes I did think I could actually fly the Spline this weekend :blush:
So it sounds like there is APM code changes too that need to happen before the users can do this.

If you get to the point you need someone to test let me know.

I also noticed in Daves video there was a his quad was pointing to 2 tall trees and it stayed focused on it for the loop around. Makes me wonder, can we currently make a flight keeping the nose of the craft always pointing another direction other than forward, it sure seems Dave did this with his version but not sure of thats ‘new’. i.e. Make a square flight plan and have the nose always pointing toward the center of the square.

Thanks again for all your work, Ed,

On the video I think Dave is doing a manual yaw override.

One way that you could do what you want is by using a Region Of Interrest waypoint.

You know I never tried to move my yaw while in Auto flight, so if I change my yaw, like look at something, the copter will still keep its heading? Or is a yaw override something else?

I’m not sure, but if you try please let me know :slight_smile: