Spektrum Right Stick Throttle

Iā€™m using a PixHawk passing signals from a Spektrum transmitter through an attached receiver.

Is it possible to control the throttle for the rover using the right stick of the Spektrum transmitter?

Thanks! :smiley:

You did not specify if your Spektrum Transmitter is a Mode 1 or Mode 2.
The Mode 2 Transmitter has the Pitch and Roll on the right joystick.
The ArduRover firmware is expecting the forward/reverse speed control to be on the Pitch joystick axis and the right/left steering control to be on the Roll joystick axis.
Do not use the Throttle joystick axis on the left joystick to try and control the rover throttle as the ArduRover firmware is expecting the throttle input to be at 1500 for neutral, 2000 for full forward and 1000 for full reverse. The Throttle joystick axis has no neutral and only goes between 1000 and 2000.

The throttle is on the left stick. But forward and backwards are handled by the left stick. Steering and turning is handled by the right stick. It uses skid steer controls.

Thanks for your help @TCIII