Spektrum receiver problem

Hello everyone,

I would like to have some advice from you regarding the spektrum receiver.
Currently, we have a DX8 RC transmitter, and a satellite receiver :

But we do have a lot of RC Loss and “No RC Receiver” message on the GCS HUD.

I believe that is it not the right way to do it : the satellite should be a plus to a receiver, right ? What I mean is that we SHOULD first have a receiver.
So I bought a receiver (AR8010T), but I have the same problem than this guy : https://discuss.px4.io/t/problem-with-connecting-spektrum-receiver-to-pixhawk-4/7723

And I cannot solve this problem.
So my questions are :

  • What is the right way for using a Spektrum receiver (I cannot make it work properly) ?
  • Which one are you guys using ? (I heard a lot about the AR7700)
  • What is your opinion about the reliability of Spektrum comparing to other RC ?

Thank you guys,

PS : I am using latest Arduplane and MissionPlanner

You should connect a satellite only to the Spkt port. Connecting a bigger receiver likely won’t work. There are some timing issues in AP 4.0.x which are likely resolved in 4.1.

My recommendation is that you buy an SRXL2 receiver and use that with AP 4.1 - I am using these with great success and they have full telemetry.

Ok, thanks, I will try with this one.
However, I have seen that the cable to the SRXL2 is a 4-pins cable. Then, you need to create a custom cable to connect to Pixhawk Cube black ? (Spkt port is only 3-pins) I’ve seen that a pin of the receiver is unused, so there should not have any problem doing this.

With SRXL2 you need to connect to a UART (Telem) port rather than Spkt - also note that this only works on the yet-to-be-released AP 4.1-dev.

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Ok, thanks.
On pixhawk cube, telem port are 6-pins., so I need to create a custom cable, right ? Which autopilot are you using ?
What about flight parameters ? Which one did you have to change to make this work ?

Look at the SRXL2 section here: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot_wiki/blob/3c9954653a1a3f1d6c4559f0a28412224512b8f0/common/source/docs/common-spektrum-rc.rst

If you search for SRXL2 on this forum there are a number of threads

Perfect, didn’t see this one, thank you.