Speedybee f405 wing with foxeer 250 m10 5883 gps compass not healthy and won’t arm

I have a problem with arm: compass health not healthy and won’t let me arm,i have change a second gps i have the same one still the same, i have done several calibrations in different clean areas and nothing. Today o found out that the compass on the gps does not change heading in mission planner but the fc does as it’s supposed to not have a compass.

Please any help will be like heaven

I have the exact same issue with the F405 Wing.
All documentation indicates the FC does not include an onboard compass.
Mission planner definitely shows heading changes when the FC is rotated with no external compass connected…
I have also tried two separate gps/compass modules and every combination of pin arrangements with no success.
I easily receive gps data though…
Any help would be greatly appreciated.