SpeedyBee F405 Wing External LEDs 2812

I bought SpeedyBee 2812 Arming LEDs with my FC. It seems that these LEDs only corresponds to Ardupilot typical status and cannot be programed. I tried changing the PWM values from 1100 to 1500 and so forth, no affect.
Does anyone know if they can be programed independently, meaning one LED strip green, 2nd LED strip red, and other two white?
Or should I just get different LEDs non-programable?

Hello @RizHass,

Have you resolved your problem?


I would like to know how these LEDs can be controlled by Ardupilot as well.

But if you just want some random effects or colors, press and hold the boot button on the Speedybee F405-wing FC to switch to SB_LED mode, and momentary press the same boot button to cycle through different effects.

Nope. They cannot be programmed to switch colors.

If they are WS2812s, they can be controlled via scripting. Unfortunately, F405 boards don’t support that feature, so you will be stuck with the default NTF behavior unless you upgrade the autopilot.

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