Speedybee f4 aio board

Hi all, does anyone know the serial to uart order of this board? In addition, I can’t use on-board bluetooth either, even can’t search bluetooth pairing signal from board…
In betaflight/iNav, there is a default setup of uart5 for bluetooth function, so the ardupilot may also need a proper setup of serial protocol to run bluetooth?
Appreciate for any single help.

Hi @leonisflying,

We’ve had reports that this board is not working so we’ve added a warning to the wiki. I think that on the core dev team, only @hwurzburg has tried and I know he bumped into problems.

Re the bluetooth setup, normally it’s just a regular serial connection so the only thing that needs to be done is get the SERIALx_BAUD rate set correctly. Here’s our wiki page re bluetooth telemetry radio modules in case this is of any use.

Thanks, rmackay!
For now, I’ve installed and almost finish the bench test with the board.
The external barometre works ok, gps ok, s.bus ok, batt monitor ok, osd ok, servos ok…But, on-board bluetooth no signal, and im doing a LTE telemetry test, havent succeed for now, that’s why I need the serial to uart order.

It seems to be OK for simple flight I think, I will do it this weekend and give feedback.

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Maiden flight accomplished, nothing special happened. Problem above still waiting for a solution…


Any chance you could provide an onboard load or as a minimum the parameter list? Also if you have a link to the exact bluetooth module that’s being used that would be good.