Speedbee F405 wing can't display right current value

the current display in MP is always display 0.6A when connect to battery even increasing throttle to let the motor spin fast. i have check the parameters below several times :slight_smile:
Enable Battery monitor.


Then reboot.





do anyone have this issue,i not sure if this is the new firmware issue.

the firmware is 4.4.1 stable,
mini+talon+vtol.param (22.0 KB)

I don’t have a speedy bee board to test. I offer the below suggestions to see if they are of any help:

I can see that you have the params configured as per the hardware def file for this board so it is not an AP config issue. (See Here)

How are you testing this? Some ADC battery monitors that use shunt reisistors have poor accuracy at lower currents. Are you spinning the motor(s) with props on or unloaded? It maybe that you just need to test with props on. Please ensure you suitable restraint the vehicle/motor if testing with props on.

There are currently no open issues on github relating to this.
I can see that there was a change to the hardware def in AC4.4 to allow for VTX power control. I think it is unlikely that this will cause an issue though. You can confirm by rolling back a firmware. It looks like you are building a plane, maybe also try the copter firmware. They should share the same code for battery monitors, so this is a way to bisect if it is a firmware issue or a hardware issue (Firmware Copter 4.4.0)

Check the wiring/connections:
It looks like the voltage for the ADC is being passed over one of these pins:
Make sure that there is a good connection and the board is well seated on here. I am not sure which pin is connected to the shunt resistor on the bottom board and can’t find a pin out for the lower board. However, with a multi-meter you can figure out which pin is connected to the shunt resistor. Then once you have found that make sure that there is some change in voltage on that pin as you change throttle setting. You will need significant changes in current to make an easily measurable voltage change.

I have ask the seedybee for help,the + of battery must connect to the outside of board,please see the picture for detail. I connect to the esc at first ,because i thought the two pad the same.

No issues running 4.4.0. I haven’t updated it yet.

Was this issue resolved? I have two planes with the Speedybee F405 Wing. The first has AP 4.3, and the Batt voltage and Current work fine. On the second plane running AP 4.4, I get zero reading for volts and amps with exactly the same BATT parameters and same Batt Monitor settings.

I’m going to check my FC board first for bent connector pins, but might this be a AP version issue?

Follow up on my Speedybee F405 Wing not showing voltages. Matt (above) had the right solution…when I examined my FC stack, the multi-pin connector was not aligned properly, and when I fixed the, the voltages and current are showing correctly. Thanks for the suggestion!