speed problem of one motor in 4


I made a first drone with a pixhawk 2.4.8 and a power module as controller

following an engine problem that had misfires my drone crashed.

I thought of an engine or esc problem so I changed the 2!

but no because after reassembling it, I have the same problem again:

an engine runs slower sometimes stops or slows down

it turns out that the pixhawk is sending a bad signal on output 4

because by changing the order of the servo the concern moves

I tried to change the output but it’s the same thing
so need help to understand
is this a power problem?
by pixhawk?
the problem appeared on version 3 and continues on version 4 of copter

We are not (yet) clairvoyant :slight_smile: . Please post a .bin log file, otherwise we can not help you.

Yes ! thank you
how do can i do it?
I am on mission planner in “data flash logs”
but then?

I think I downloaded the logs but most of them date from 1980 !!
i find this file,
this is probably the file of my crash

thank you

this one is a normal flight