Speed Limits in APM? Is it Governed?

PILOT_VELZ_MAX is worded sort of oddly: “The maximum vertical velocity the pilot may request in cm/s”

PILOT_ACCEL_Z is also worded sort of oddly: “The vertical acceleration used when pilot is controlling the altitude”

Is that the vertical governor placed on the APM? If the user goes to full throttle (1000 on the 0-1000 scale), isn’t it going to achieve maximum speed?

There is no governor in the Copter code. If you put a number higher than the copter is capable of achieving than it just goes that speed it’s able to. The slider in MP goes to a certain value but you can put any value in the Full Param List and the Copter code will accept it and attempt it.

This can be verified here: github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/issues/1169

If there aren’t any flashing camera, you won’t get caught :smiling_imp: