Speed GPS Error

Hello everyone,

I am in the same place for 3 months and for a week I have a problem with my pixhawk. Since 5 days on mission planner impossible to arm, I have a problem of speed of GPS. I am stuck at 0.3 and I need 0.1 to arm.
I still have 14 satellites and I’m outside.
Do you know where this problem comes from? :slight_smile:


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where did you buy the gps from? what model is it? what brand is it?

It’s the one: https://drotek.com/shop/fr/rtk/864-gps-rtk-sirius.html
Even with the base RTK on the ground it does not change anything.
Before it worked well, I may have changed a setting that did not need to?

It’s related to GPS reception or something else?