Speed decrease with WP_OVERSHOOT


While I test WP_OVERSHOOT, I notice that the rover decreased its speed even though its position is still far from a waypoint.

The below figure shows normal speed values with default parameter values.

The below figure describes decreased speed with WP_OVERSHOOT = 0.1

Is this decreased speed an expected behavior? Thanks!

Logs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16gJ0jWn4msSf2ip6IAYd5JTqlk9mLUEu?usp=sharing


Yes, this is probably expected behaviour. It’s called “lane based speed control” and the vehicle will reduce speed when its cross track error (distance from the line segment between waypoints) is higher than WP_OVERSHOOT… or to be slightly more precise, if it calculates that it will stray beyond WP_OVERSHOOT from the line segment given its current position, velocity and heading.

@rmackay9 Thanks for the explanation!

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