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Speed control at low speeds ardurover/boat

(Thijs) #1

Hi there,

I'm building an autonomous boat (1m length), which is supposed to sail at a fixed speed over ground of 1m/s. Currently I set the cruise throttle (PWM signal) such that in no-current conditions the speed is around 1m/s. However, when the boat is facing wind, waves or current, the speed drops. Since i entered '1' in cruise_speed, I was expecting that the autopilot would increase throttle in order to match the speed to 1m/s. It doesn't however. The maximum speed of the boat is 3m/s, so there is plenty margin for the boat to increase throttle. Any ideas how to make sure the boat makes sure the speed over ground (measured by 3DR GPS) matches the desired speed also when facing tidal currents?

Many thanks. Thijs

(gmorph) #2

Can you please attach one log file of when the issue occurs and we will have a look.

Thanks, Grant.

(ben) #3

I have the same problem when the boat is facing wind or current, the speed can not reach the cruise speed. the throttle regulation may have some error. I am looking at the source code.

(ben) #4

i think the calculation of throttle_out has some error.