Speech Output Garbled

After I upgraded to 3.4 the speech output on my computer no longer works properly. The output works for about 30 secs and then the audio becomes garbled and stutters. I’m using a Mac running Mission Planner in a VM with Parallels. I have run a lot of other cpu intensive applications on the setup with no issues so I don’t think it’s related to load. Anyone else have any other ideas/suggestions? Cheers.

I’m not sure if it’s related but today I noticed that the SD card in the Pixhawk didn’t have any log files on it. I took it out and couldn’t read it on two computers. I recall Tridge saying something about faster SD cards being required for the extra logging that’s being generated. So I replaced the card with a larger/faster one and now the logs are recording properly.

I’ll take it out tomorrow and see if the speech issue is cleared up as well. I suspect some serious buffering was going on that was taking up available RAM. Just a guess though.