Spec'ing out a piezo buzzer for Pixhawk2

I’m designing a Pixhawk2 carrier board and want to include a piezo buzzer mounted on the PCB (like the Solo carrier board). So I checked the specs on the Solo piezo buzzer, which is part number AT-2250-T-LW50-R. The datasheet says it’s operating voltage range is 1-30V and the rated voltage is 15V. Both values are labelled as peak-to-peak. What exactly is the difference between “Rated voltage” and “Operating voltage range”? Those sound like they’re describing the same thing to me.

Also, the LT3469 in the Power Selection Module schematic is configured to provide a 10.9x output gain to the buzzer. Since the STM32 is 3.3V, that would mean its driving the buzzer at a high of 36V. Isn’t that higher than Solo’s buzzer is actually rated for?

Ultimately, I’m just trying to figure out which specs I need to consider when choosing a buzzer that is driven from the ALARM pin of Pixhawk2’s PSM.

the correct buzzer is the CPE-827

surprise surprise… that a solo part is not correctly rated :slight_smile:the correct one takes 50vpp

Well then. Shame on me for using components on the Solo as a reference point.

Thanks Phil!

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