SPD3x airspeed sensor not working on cube orange

Hi, I’m using the latest Arduplane fw, the 4.0.5. with the orange cube pixhawk and the SPD3x is not working, I’ve been trying with two different orange cubes, 2 wirings and 2 airspeed sensors and the ARSPD parameters configuration that used to work with the cube black, doesn’t work now with the orange.

Has it work for anyone?

I still have to try to test the MS25525 digital airspeed sensor to see if it works in the orange cube.

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Okey it works with a MS45250 but still not working with the SPD3x.

hello, I have cube orange, arduplane / qplane 4.0.1, and I cant get 45250 working, what parameters have you used to get it working

Have you made any progress ? i have the same problem.