Spam or not to Spam

Do you guys think this is spam


If post was an announcement it would be ok, but as a “i’m new to this can you help” seems fishy. I’d leave this for now, but posting as an innocent question, when its an ad is dubious. Like i said, If it was posted as a informative ad, i don’t have an issue.

I already disapproved a similar post from him on Friday and I deleted the account of VisionUAV because of again a similar post where they announced some products last Wednesday.

I’m starting to get annoyed with that. I deleted the thread and this user account now again.

Admins/Mods: If you see any VisionUAV stuff again, please delete user and report spammer!

If this continues, maybe somebody from 3DR should contact the FTC about that as VisionUAV seems to be a US company.

Edit: Good eyes, Bill!