Space surveilance arduino drone

Hello everyone.
In advance i would like to say sorry for my English not being the best.
I’m a student in university and i’m making my bachelor’s thesis on a space surveillance Αrduino drone. I have some questions and thanks in advance for any help.

First of all, let me describe the topic a bit. I want to make a drone, which when it receives a signal from an alarm(for example), automatically launches and makes a pre-set route. As it makes this route by itself, it sends video to the cloud via a camera.

I already made a post in the arduino forum but i need some information and help for you too.

So as i said i want to make my drone fly automatically, I saw that there is ArduPilot (which I have not understood if it is hardware or software or both), which allows you to place some coordinates on the gps and executes the route. I would like to know some information on this and even if its possible to suggest me some parts.

I would like to say any additional information or prompt for my project would be very helpful and also thank you again in advance for any help you can give me.

Welcome to the comunity

ArduPilot is a firmware
It runs best on a STM32 H7 processor flight controller board

We used it fully automatically do what is presented in the video:

That video is from 2018, today even more is possible.

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