Sourcing quality hardware in the EU

Hi Everyone- I am new to the forums, especially ArduBoat, but I have been building and flying quads for a few years now. I decided to switch over to boats now that I moved to Germany and, holy cow, are there a lot of rules here! I still need to scratch my tinkering itch so it seems like an autonomous boat will be fun to build and drive around in the little lake nearby.

I have some BlueRobotics T200 thrusters, ESCs, and batteries.

I want to buy a new Pixhawk and I want to avoid the garbage clones on Amazon. I also need a good power distribution board. I prefer to buy everything from the same site, but I will obviously order piecemeal if necessary.

Can anyone recommend a site that sells official hardware in Germany, or elsewhere in the EU?

I made a really basic hull from stuff that I mostly pulled out of the garbage. I will upgrade to something better soon, but just want to get familiar with ArduBoat first.


Within the EU I highly recommend 3DXR based in the UK if you are looking for quality stuff. Don’t know of what is on offer in Germany sorry.

We use both and
Try them out.

Thanks for the recommendations so far. I really appreciate it