Sourcetree seems to be broken on the latest master branch of the missionplanner

Hello, this is new comer who about to develop GCS based on the Mission Planner.

It worked well in the visual studio 2019 when I cloned a source tree until Monday in last week.
but after I pulled for getting the latest source tree status from Github weekend in last week,
It seems to be broken although I have updated submodule (it has mono),
There are so many (over 60) errors produced.

Is there some guide to prepare a new development environment to make successful compilation?
I saw there are so many changed things to adopt a new version of .Net Core and .Net Framework.

It’s ok to provide some kind of link which I can refer, It will be helpful for me.

Thank you in adavnce.

so long as you checkout and pull the submodule you should be fine.

the current builds are building in CI ok. so all the files are there

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I found the way how to solve issue that I said!

I pulled entire submodule of mono recursively again as you let me know,
and I followed official “installation mono on Windows”.

I was little bit confused what “PREFIX” means during executing,
but that meant $MISSION_PLANNER_SOURCE_ROOT_PATH\ExtLibs\mono !

It is cleared! Thank you Oborne!!! :smiley: