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Source Code for BIN transformation to LOG, CSV or MAT

(Philipp) #1

Hello folks,

I am aware and very familiar with the possibilities of transforming the raw BIN files from of the Autopilot into something readable. Normally I would use the integrated MissionPlanner functions for transforming BIN into LOG or MAT.
I am now looking for the source code of this function, so I can use my own automatic Python or Matlab scripts having the same function without starting MissionPlanner.

I already found something:
BIN to MATLAB converter:
BIN to CSV converter:
BIN to LOG converter:

Since I am not the best programmer and finding stuff in GitHub, could you please confirm these sources are correct or push me to the right ones?

Thank you very much

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(Fnoop) #2

Hi, this is a really good option:

(yepzhang) #3

How can I use this python script to change bin to log?

(mike) #4

Help! help!
I have a large size copter(eight motors ) Crash log, but I can’t post it for help. Can anyone help me?
It crashed in stabilize mode , and the Copter have not been Autotune yet.

thank you so much! Excuse my poor English