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Sounds from Matek buzzer on F405-Wing?

I have installed a Matek buzzer (5v, G, B-) but only hear a single beep on power up.
Should we not hear other tones like with the Pixhawk?

I confirm, the sound is only at arming. Sometimes that arming without sound…

I also have the Matek F405 Wing and I’m having the same issue, hopefully we can find a solution.
I’ve tried both a Matek Dbuz5V and a Vfly Finder 2 and can’t get either one of them to produce the sounds that Ardupilot uses. I’ve connected them to the buzzer pin, and I’m assuming that this can be PWM driven, I just don’t know if the arduplane software has an option for treating this as a PWM pin? I’ve also wondered whether this could/should be remapped to a PWM output, such as a spare servo channel? If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Currently I just get basic beeps on power up, arming (long), disarming (short)

Подтверждаю. 3х-пин зуммер вообще не работает. 2х-пин - издаёт пощёлкивание при arming, и это всё. Очень нужно, чтобы зуммер истпользовался при настройке ПИДов, как описано здесь
Без этого я кручу ручки “вслепую”

I have an F405 CTR and checked the hwdef.dat file. It shows buzzer active is high, which is the opposite of how the bz- pin works. My matek buzzer also has a bz+ pin so I attached that to the bz- pin on the FC to the buzzer bz+ and I get beeps every couple seconds if I set an RC input channel mode to lost plane sounds.

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